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January 16
Dear Member

BAGSD IPO Newsletter

Dear Member

I was re-elected as Chairman at our AGM on the 3rd January for another year, so this letter is just a short comment on last years’ activities and the plans for the future.

2015 was a mixed year for BAGSD IPO, we had a very successful start to the year, a good Super Trophy, a couple of licencing events and we ran some very good, well supported Club trials. The WUSV joint trial with GSDL had to be cancelled due to insufficient entries, we lost some money on this but not as much as we would have if the event had taken place. On the downside, we saw quite a significant fall in our membership in 2015, which most IPO related organisations have suffered in the UK and the world over. As BAGSD IPO is financed almost entirely from the membership levy (which remains at £20) this could well cause the organisation problems next year if this slide continues.

Plans for 2016 are already well underway. IPO Essex have once again kindly offered to run the Super Trophy. It will be judged by the highly respected FCI judge Sylvia Marrochi. The event will take place on the 28 & 29th May, 2016 and once more details are finalised, we will publish them. The intention is once again to open the event to all levels if IPO as well as those looking for FCI places. I would urge all Clubs and members to support this as it is still our flagship event. Helper licencing’s new procedures have been welcomed but we must ensure we maintain quality in this critical area.

We also have one candidates’ Judging apprenticeship completed and another due in April. This would leave us, after suitable WUSV/KC sanction, two qualified BAGSD IPO Judges. The plan would then be to look for FCI Accreditation.

At the AGM, it was recognised how critical it is for us as an organisation to bring in new blood to the sport. There are several ideas on the table to help with this, but nothing we do as a committee can be substituted for the work that has to go in at each Club to welcome new faces into IPO. We have some plans to thrash out for ‘novices only’ events. To facilitate the above we welcome Aly Buckley and Heather Corkin as co-opted members of the committee to assist us with links to the breed side and also development of a proper rules structure.

The AGM sanctioned out participation at WUSV joint trial with the GSDL but this expensive events’ budget must be lowered to benefit both organisations. We plan a meeting as soon as possible with the GSDL WDG (Working Dog Group) are to sort arrangements for this.

At this moment we have two events on the books for early in the year. I hope these are well supported, but would remind all clubs to get the paperwork for events submitted early so that we can promote them on the website etc.

I would ask that all Clubs make sure that regular trainers at their Clubs are paid up BAGSD and IPO members. This is extremely important not only for the organisations’ finances but also for the insurance purposes. I would also remind members that their BAGSD membership number must be written on their IPO membership form, so please folks, make sure that the main BAGSD memberships are sent to Doreen Gater before IPO membership is sent to us (and please enclose an S.A.E.)

I hope you all have a good year in Dog Sport and best wishes to you all for 2016.

George Robinson
IPO Chairman

24/10/15 ******BAGSD IPO AGM******

Dear Member,
British Association For German Shepherd Dogs IPO section are holding their ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on 3rd January 2016

Location: Asda, Leicester 

Fosse Park
Narborough Road South

Time:12:00 to 15:00 

Any items for the agenda please by November 2015
Only fully paid up members may attend

Carla Monteiro

BAGSD IPO Committee member.