George Robinson | Chairman             ( )

Kurt Schwenteck | Vice Chairman       (

Carla Monteiro | General Secretary      (

Ian Harvey | Committee Member          (

As Chair I take over the responsibilities of IPO after a very turbulent time for BAGSD IPO. With this new committee we hope to move the Sport forwards once again with some fresh ideas and fresh thinking. The political baggage of the past must not inhibit IPO moving forward in a positive fashion based on Openness and fairness for all members be they new recruits or more seasoned competitors etc.

Please folks could we ask for some tolerance through our early times with the panel as we get ourselves bedded in and start to get the sport moving again in a positive manner.

We encourage open discussion but must ask that only IPO committee correspondence or Website communication via our official site is to be taken as the IPO panels official position. Social media etc. does not represent the panels official position.